ZF Conference "Offices and Residential 2016"

Silviu Savin participated on Wednesday, June 8, 2016, at the ZF conference "Offices and Residential 2016"

During the conference it was discussed about the delay in the infrastructure works and the payment that cooled the real estate market. Although market demand is growing and companies are increasingly paying attention to the quality of projects, there are emotions about the impact that the payment law will have, according to the real estate developers present at the conference. At the same time, the businessmen emphasized the need for clearer mid- and long-term strategies of the authorities regarding urban development and infrastructure.

Silviu Savin, Ascenta Management Partner, speaker at the event, spoke about urbanization: "The idea of developing all areas in Romania is difficult to achieve. We must expect Bucharest, Cluj and other cities to grow, and the others to decrease in population." At the same time, Silviu Savin emphasized the difference between the current real estate market and that of seven years ago, when the few existing developers in the market erected many small buildings, considered below standards today.

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