About the project

The first phase of the project includes 27,600 sqm of unconventional office space with elements of industrial architecture.

The old factory buildings on the Tractorul platform were restored and transformed between 2012 and 2016, offering today the facilities of the Class A office standard to the 12 partners who host their offices here.


We have acted sustainably in the restoration of buildings in Phase 1 development, saving over 10,000 m3 of building materials such as concrete and brick by preserving existing industrial structures.

Furthermore, 20 000 m3 of waste material from the demolition has been reused and the four buildings in this phase have been awarded a BREEAM 'Very Good' rating.

GLA: 27.600 sqm

Development period: 2012 - 2016

Central Building - The Tower

One of the most impressive buildings of the former Tractorul Brasov industrial platform is the iconic Tower building.

Designed by Octav Doicescu in 1920, it has been preserved and transformed into unconventional and contemporary Class A offices.

GLA: 12 000 sqm

Floors: 1

Parking: 800 available across campus

Status: Rented 100%

T39 Building

The building offers outstanding office space with industrial architectural elements and smart spatial separation.

The modern atmosphere is supported by high ceilings and generous spaces.

GLA: 6000 sqm

Floors: 1

Parking: 800 available across campus

Status: Rented 100%

T42 Building

T42 is a building that is part of the former industrial warehouses that were completely renovated in phase 1 of the development.

Prestigious international and local companies operating here enjoy all the comforts and facilities of an A-class building.

GLA: 8000 sqm

Floors: 1

Parking: 800 available across campus

Status: Rented 100%

Gate 2

Part of Phase 1 development, the Gate 2 building has a unique architecture that harmoniously combines classical and modern elements.

This versatile space houses the Medlife hyperclinic, one of the key facilities on campus.

GLA: 1600 sqm

Floors: 3

Parking: 800 available across campus

Status: Rented 100%


Spend time with colleagues at the end of the day

Coresi Business Campus means much more than your office.

Here you work, but you also have fun. We constantly organise concerts, parties, sports competitions, workshops and many other relaxing and fun activities.