In Coresi Business Campus you will meet valuable people and you will have the opportunity to interact with important businesses.

The project gives you 20,000 square metres of green space where you can relax and have dozens of colourful pouffes to sit comfortably outdoors for as long as you like.

If you like to play sports or organise friendly games with office colleagues, there are areas on campus dedicated to basketball, football or table tennis.

For those moments when you want to take a break, you can go for a relaxing walk along the pedestrian walkway or take a spin around the neighborhood using the bikes provided free of charge through the partnership with Pegas and Coresi Shopping Resort.

You decide what your day on campus looks like

Spend time with colleagues at the end of the day

Coresi Business Campus means much more than your office.

Here you work, but you also have fun. We constantly organise concerts, parties, sports competitions, workshops and many other relaxing and fun activities.

09:05 - Coffee from Cafeteca or fresh from 1 Minute

You've arrived on campus. Before going to the elevator, stop at Cafeteca to have a latte or at 1 Minute for a fresh orange.

You get more energy after a good coffee or a portion of vitamins.

11:00 - Basketball break

Daily stand-up ticked off, the first email session completed, the tasks of the day are clear.

You take a 10-minute break and go play basketball with your classmates on the court next to the building.

12:50 - Lunch at the canteen

Lunch break has arrived and you are craving the soup from the cafeteria. You go down with your colleagues and sit at your favorite table.

14:00 - With a Pegas after the cake

It's your finance colleague's birthday and you want to surprise her. You rent a Pegas and quickly go to Coresi Shopping Resort to get a delicious cake.

Once at the mall, leave your bike at the Pegas stand, buy a delicious cake from Bdelicious and walk back to Campus using the Pedestrian Walkway.

15:00 - Outdoor work session

The sun has hidden in the clouds, but it's still warm outside.

You think a work session in the fresh air would do, so you grab your laptop and sit down in the grass on the orange puffs.

16:30 - Walk through the museum

It's almost the end of the day, but you leave the office early to take a relaxing stroll through the museum.

17:30 - Routine check-up at Medlife

You have an appointment at Medlife for a routine checkup and you're glad you don't have to rush or cross town. The Medlife clinic is only 3 minutes from you.