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The details that matter: Class A offices

Dotări tehnice de ultimă generație

Dezvoltarea clădirilor de birouri din Campus este făcută cu grijă pentru respectarea celor mai înalte standarde de calitate. De la finisaje, până la utilități și dotări, suntem atenți la înglobarea acelor elemente caracteristice nivelului de clasă A.

Descoperă 8 din cele mai importante facilități tehnice prin accesarea rapidă a pictogramelor albastre, sau descarcă broșura Fazei a treia de dezvoltare pentru toate informațiile tehnice.

The Coresi district is a renaissance achieved through the rejuvenation of old industrial buildings and the creation of new landmarks, and is the first multi-purpose project of this scale, bringing together commercial (Coresi Shopping Resort), residential (Coresi Avantgarden), office (Coresi Business Campus), entertainment, community and public spaces over a 10-year period, leveraging and multiplying local opportunities.

Our intention is for the Tractorul area to once again become a source of pride for the people of Brasov, a point of attraction in the region and a national example.

In partnership with local government, we have succeeded in implementing smart urbanisation, which involves the development of mixed spaces capable of connecting people, communities, partners and experts.

Coresi district is the place that changed the life of the city!

Part of a visionary 10 years project

The promise of the urban regeneration project in Brasov is to create a new lifestyle.

We cultivate relationships that add value to the community and engage in projects that energize and complement social life.

The Coresi district is the place people identify with, a place where they choose to live, work, learn, play and enjoy themselves.


sqm for rent – Coresi Business Campus


apartments sold


employees on campus


sqm built – Coresi Avantgarden


The project has an area of 120ha and represents 10% of the area of the city of Brașov.