More than where you work

The facilities offered to the campus community are the result of an ongoing process of gathering feedback from our partners and their teams.

Coresi Business Campus is joy per sqm. It is the place where you have a strong business community, where every day at the office is beautiful, the place where you have access to a lot of facilities and activities.

Campus facilities

Banca Transilvania ATM

You can withdraw cash whenever you need

We want things to be at your fingertips. That's why you'll find the ATM conveniently located on campus. So, if you need cash for a package or for lunch, you don't have to go too far.


Stay close to your desk for lunch and enjoy a tasty meal

Every day you can find freshly cooked food at super affordable prices. All the products used to prepare the food come from reliable local sources. Come and have lunch with your colleagues close to the office in an unconventional canteen.

Medlife Clinic

Take care of your health without wasting time in traffic

Health must come first, but it's difficult to get to appointments without spending a lot of time on the road. Don't worry, on campus you have the Medlife clinic a few minutes away from the office. The Medlife health network offers top services and highly trained doctors. Thus, you can take care of yourself and prevent health problems successfully.

Visitors parking

Come to the office by car and you will always find a parking space

If you are the type who loves the comfort of your personal car or has frequent meetings, you can drive to the office every day. You have available the spaces dedicated to your company, or you can opt for the Coresi Shopping Resort parking lot, located a few minutes away. In addition, we are working hard to prepare a new parking lot close to the offices.

Cafe Kafea

Work while enjoying an aromatic, freshly brewed coffee

Coffee is a must when you have a day where you want to be super productive. You can take your laptop, sit down at a table in the cafe and enjoy a day close to, but far from, the office. Sometimes it's nice to work from other sides too. In addition, if you want to have a more casual meeting with clients, in a space other than the meeting room, you can confidently use the Kafea cafe. You can also sit here with your colleagues for morning coffee, a more relaxed meeting or a brainstorming session.

Sports areas

Choose a healthy lifestyle and exercise as often as you can

Exercise does wonders, especially when it comes to energy and mood, but we know how difficult it can be to get to the gym. That is why we have created in Coresi Business Campus several areas dedicated to sports. Come here to relax after an intense day at the office, practicing basketball, volleyball, ping pong, badminton or football with your colleagues. Sports activities together develop and bring you closer.

Green spots

Take advantage of the green spaces and clean air

In the campus you have more than 20,000 square meters of landscaped green spaces. Choose to hold your sessions outdoors or simply relax in nature after lunch. On the ground floor of each building you will find colorful and fluffy poufs that you can place in the sun on the grass. Time spent in nature makes us happier and more balanced.

Smoking areas

For the cigarette break, choose the already arranged space

We know it's a habit you might want to give up, but until you make the brave decision, know that we've set up a smoking area for you, conveniently located right next to the L1 building.

Drop & Go delivery

Drop & Go Delivery

The specially designed Drop & Go area near the campus parking lot facilitates the access of courier companies and suppliers. Thus, the delivery of parcels and products is now more accessible to you and the suppliers, who quickly find a parking place and transport carts.

Pedestrian alley

Connected with everything that matters in the Neighborhood

The Pedestrian Alley crosses Cartier Coresi and connects the office area with the residential and commercial areas. Thus, you can reach Coresi Shopping Resort in just a few minutes, whether you want to have lunch, leave your clothes at the dry cleaners or watch a movie after work. Either way, a pedestrian walk during your lunch break is welcome.