More than where you work

The facilities offered to the campus community are the result of an ongoing process of gathering feedback from our partners and their teams.

Coresi Business Campus is joy per sqm. It is the place where you have a strong business community, where every day at the office is beautiful, the place where you have access to a lot of facilities and activities.

Nearby facilities

Patinoar olimpic

An Olympic ice rink is right next to you

In Romania we enjoy too little ice and skating throughout the year. But thanks to the Brasov Olympic Rink, you can have fun on the ice whenever you want. Grab the little ones from school and go for a spin on the ice. Plus, you can enjoy Corona Wolves Brasov hockey team games with family and friends.


You have pharmacies within walking distance

Often the headache comes just when the medication is in the other bag. But you don't have to worry because there are multiple pharmacies (Sensiblu and Help Net in Coresi Shopping Resort, Richter and Dona pharmacies in nearby Cartier Coresi) just a few minutes from the Campus. Surely in one of these options you will find whatever you need to get back to wellness.

Curățătorie & croitorie

Accidental stains are not a problem

Fruit, coffee and some foods are great, except when they end up on your favorite blouse or shirt during a meeting. If you do have an accident, don't worry. You can quickly take your clothes to the dry cleaners and make sure they're as good as new. Close to Campus you'll find the Total Wash dry cleaners and tailors in the Coresi Shopping Resort or the Lagoon Care Eco Cleaners about a 10-minute walk from the offices.

Gara Brașov

Quick access to Brasov train station

Brasov railway station is an important transport hub in the region. It is very close to the Coresi Business Campus so if you need to pick up a client from the station or if you want to leave your office directly for your holiday, you can do it quickly and without being stuck in traffic. You have quick pedestrian access and in less than 10 minutes you're straight on the platform, ready for your holiday.

Piscină olimpică

Relax at the pool after work

Near Coresi Business Campus is the Brasov Olympic Pool, where you can go swimming as soon as you leave the office. So you get some much-needed exercise after hours of sitting in your chair. If you want to go before the office, you can do it without any problems. The pool opens from 8:00 in the morning.

Spălătorie auto

Your car can always look perfect

Washing the car often comes at the end of the long list of things to do in a week, but it's an important aspect of your life. Don't worry! You have a place very close to your office where you can take your car to be cleaned without taking too much time away from your daily schedule.

Agenții bancare

Get everything done quickly at the bank

Bank transfers, updating information, applying for credit - these are just some of the things that take time when you go to the bank. Near Coresi Business Campus there are plenty of bank branches for you to get everything done quickly. In Coresi Shopping Resort you will find branches and ATMs of the following banks: BCR, BRD, ING Bank, Bancpost, Euronet. Close to the Coresi district, a few minutes away by car or bicycle, you will find branches of BCR, Unicredit Bank, BRD, Banca Transilvania and ING Bank.

Servicii de telefonie

Quick access to telephone services

When you want a better subscription, a new phone or want to change the services you have, you can do it close to the office. You have all your mobile phone providers nearby in Coresi Shopping Resort (Orange, Vodafone, RCS & RDS). All you have to do is decide whether to do things on your lunch break or after work.

Coafor & Nailbar

You look flawless any day, any time

When we take care of ourselves, we feel better. But we know that time is not always our ally. That's why near Coresi Business Campus you have quick access to hairdressers and nail salons, which you can easily reach whenever you have a few moments to spare. That way, your hair will always look gorgeous and your nails will always be well-groomed.


You can buy everything you need nearby

Whether you're looking for a new wardrobe, grooming products or just want to see what else you can find in the shops, there's an entire shopping centre with over 100 stores: Coresi Shopping Resort. As well as a wide range of shops, there's also a hypermarket where you can do your home shopping as soon as you leave the office. Fitness, sauna and a semi-Olympic swimming pool just steps away at BELAQVA Active Wellness

Over 10 restaurants

Enjoy a tasty meal at one of the many restaurants nearby

Sometimes it's nice to go out for lunch at a restaurant. After all, office life isn't just about sitting in an office. Take advantage of the more than 10 restaurants in Coresi Shopping Resort that offer great flavours: if you're in the mood for a burger choose Oro Toro, if you're in the mood for a good pasta dish go to Don Antonio, if it's your day to go off your diet you can choose between KFC, Subway or Mespotamia. Whatever you prefer, the options are endless.

Sport & Spa by Belaqva

Fitness, sauna and a semi-Olympic pool within walking distance at BELAQVA Active Wellness

Do you want to relax your muscles or, on the contrary, get them moving after a long day at the office? At BELAQVA you'll find it all: fitness, aerobics and other classes, sauna, semi-Olympic pool, jacuzzi and highly trained staff. The experience you'll have at BELAQVA is hard to describe so we expect you to try it. You will feel truly pampered and invigorated.