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The biggest urban regeneration project in Romania

An iconic project in Brașov, that respects the past, improves the present and builds the future.


A century of history and innovation

From planes to tractors, in a neighbourhood with a century of history

From planes to world-renowned tractors

The history of the platform starts in 1925 when the plane factory is opened. For two decades it produces the most innovative fighting planes of those times. Among them the I.A.R. 80, used in the Second World War.

Russian occupations changes the platform's history completely. In 1947, the I.A.R. factory is closed, and the factory becomes The State Metal Manufacturing Company.

A year later, in 1948, The State Metal Manufacturing Company becomes Tractorul Brașov Plant, and the plane factory becomes a production unit for farm equipment.

The industrial past meets the offices of the future

In 2007 the plant is closed and enters into liquidation. It is prepared for sale through auction. The real estate Flavus Investment company buys the platform at an auction with 7 participants and thus begins the transformation of the space into a business campus.

Over the next years, the factory's old buildings go through a thorough renovation and conversion process on their way to becoming class A office spaces. The outside architecture is saved as a show of respect for the previous purpose of the area.

At the same time, in 2012 Ceetrus (known as Immochan at that time), acquires the platform and continues the urban regeneration efforts in the area, integrating mixed functionalities on a total surface of 120 ha.



A strategic partnership and a new vision for the project

CEETRUS acquires the offices project and blends it in with Coresi Neighbourhood

In July 2017, Ceetrus (named Immochan at that time) purchases the offices project and integrates the 40.000 square meters of GLA in Coresi Neighbourhood, a complex project of urban regeneration, considered to be iconic for the company’s new vision. The developers form Ascenta become strategic partners of the project..

March 2019, represents an important step for the Coresi Business Campus project, by finalizing the H1 building, which was a part of the third phase of development. The H1 building has a surface of 15.000 square meters and the investment that was made comes close to 14 million euros.

A sustainable project , BREEAM certified as “Very good”

Coresi Business Campus is the living proof that inspirational projects transcend the generations in a responsible manner.

Converting an industrial area of 26.000 sqm into a modern office area came with lots of pleasant surprises

10.000 m3

In construction materials (brick and concrete) were saved by conserving the existing structures.

20.000 m3

In residual materials obtained by demolition were re-used ( crushed concrete ).

30.000 m3

In recyclable materials were used until the end of the construction.

The buildings from the first and second phase have been BREEAM certified as “Very Well” , and the H1 building from the third phase is in the process of certification. .

The project offers not only the city but also the entire region 20.000 square meters of green spaces, relaxation areas,and class A office spaces .

Thousands of new jobs were created in Brasov by attracting top companies to get involved in the project.


New ambitious projects to answer community needs

Coresi Business Campus is an integrated part of Cartier Coresi. CEETRUS' ambition is to continue developing the industrial platform with and for citizens.

Fourth stage of development

Once the H1 building of the phase III development stage was completed din faza trei de dezvoltare, we started preparing for phase IV of the project. This new stage provides for two office buildings (U1 and H2) with a modern design, class A standard amenities and a total surface of 25.000 sqm.


Co-working space for the business community

We heard to the needs of our partners' and residents' community from Cartier Coresi and we will open a co-working space and a conference area. They will have a total surface of 1 300 sqm and will be located on the ground floor of H1 building.

Intră aici pentru mai multe detalii despre coworking

Urban regeneration continues in Cartier Coresi

After developing retail spaces (Coresi Shopping Resort), residential spaces (Coresi Avantgarden) and office spaces, we will revitalise the iconic Hangar. Defining new functions for the Cartier Coresi community is a priority for CEETRUS.