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Part of Coresi Neighbourhood

A strategic partnership and a new vision for the project

Coresi, a neighbourhood in harmony with the city of the future

In all the developed projects, CEETRUS Romania's mission is to be a facilitator, an urban and community catalyst. This part becomes mandatory for coherent and lasting urban development in Romania.

The broad development of Coresi neighbourhood which started in 2013 is iconic for urban and community regeneration in Romania.

Coresi Neighbourhood is remarcable for being a visionary and brave project, managing to harness the history of the place and the cultural and industrial patronage of the old Tractorul platform.

Our motivation is to conserve the image of what used to be an old factory measuring the size of a city.

Coresi Neighboruhood is a reborn realized by maintaining the old industrial buildings, as well as by creating new landmarks, being the first multifunctional project of this size that brings together in a 10 year time frame, commercial ( Coresi Shopping Resort ), real estate ( Coresi Avantgarden ), offices ( Coresi Business Campus ), entertainment, community spaces and public spaces that harness and multiply the local opportunities.

Our intent is to make Tractorul area a reason of pride for the residents of the city and a attractive destination at national level.

By partnering with the local administration we have managed to implement a smart urbanization that implies the development of mixed areas that are capable to create conncetions between people, between communities, between experts and partners.

Coresi Neighbourhood is the place that changed the city’s life!


rentable sqm – Coresi Business Campus


sold apartments


employees in the campus


blocks in the masterplan



built sqm – Coresi Avantgarden

Part of a visionary project. Over about 10 years

The urban regeneration project in Brașov promises to create a new lifestyle.

We grow relationships that bring added value to the community and we engage in projects that liven up and expand social life.

Cartier Coresi is a place to which people can relate, a place where they choose to live, work, learn, play and feel good.


The project has a surface of 120 ha and it represents 10% of the surface of Brașov.