Immochan completes phase two

Immochan completes the second phase of Coresi Business Park in 2018 and continues development

Building N1, belonging to the second phase of Coresi Business Park, was completed in September 2017 and is fully leased. The companies Azets, Accenture, Intech and Waters occupy the entire building, with a total area of 8,500 sqm. The second phase will be completed in the summer of 2018, with the delivery of building N2.

The second phase of Coresi Business Park Brașov comprises three modern class A office buildings, with a low height regime (P+3E/4E), totaling 25,000 sqm. Currently, the third building, N2, of 8,500 sqm, is under construction, to be delivered between April and August 2018. All three buildings that are part of the second phase of the project – L1, N1 and N2 - are in the process of obtaining BREEAM certification - "Very good" level.

The N1 building, with a constructed area of 8,500 sqm, is fully leased and was put into use in September 2017. Azets, the leading provider of accounting, payroll, human resources and consulting services in the Nordic countries, has leased an entire floor in the N1 building, respectively 1,550 sqm, which it occupied in September 2017. Accenture, one of the largest providers of outsourcing and management consulting services, rented 750 sqm in the N1 building to open a new center in Brașov, the seventh in the country, for which it will employ 100 people. Intech, provider of digital solutions for the automotive industry, machinery and heavy equipment and rail transport, expands its space in Coresi Business Park to 1,550 sqm, taking over a floor of the N1 building, which it will occupy from February 2018. The software company and engineering in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food fields, Waters Romania, occupies a space of 3,500 square meters in the N1 building, spread over two and a half floors.

In July 2017, Immochan Romania acquired Coresi Business Park. Thus, the Coresi District, which until then had a commercial component, through the Coresi Shopping Resort, and a residential component, through the 1,000 apartments under construction, also integrated the office component.

"By completing the second phase of Coresi Business Park, Immochan reaffirms its role as a Global Urban Player, creating synergy between all the functions of the Coresi District, to give it a natural flow, able to transform the city and serve the needs of the community. The offices will be directly connected to the Coresi Shopping Resort and the Coresi Avantgarden residential area via a pedestrian and cycleway. We are continuing the development of the office park with phase III and aim to reach 100,000 sqm in the coming years. With this volume, Coresi Business Park will become the largest office project outside the capital," declares Tatian Diaconu, CEO of Immochan Romania.

Developed on the former Tractorul industrial platform in Brașov, Coresi Business Park is one of the most important office centers outside of Bucharest, which currently totals over 40,000 sqm, to class A standard. The project is an extensive urban regeneration initiative, which transforms 12 hectares of old industrial buildings in a business area with a contemporary look. In addition to the office spaces that have gone through the reconversion process, the project also includes 10 new modern office buildings with a low height regime (P+3E/4E). The second phase, representing the first three new buildings – L1, N1 and N2 – is being completed. The Coresi Business Park masterplan includes 100,000 sq.m. of office space, an area that will be reached in the next 8-10 years.

About Immochan

Immochan Romania was established in January 2012 and manages a portfolio of 23 shopping centers nationwide. In 2016, Immochan expanded its scope of activity to new business segments: the residential one, through the development of Coresi Avantgarden in partnership with Avantgarden Immo Invest, and office, through Coresi Business Park, one of the most vibrant business parks in Brașov, in partnership with Ascenta Management.

Immochan assumes the role of GLOBAL URBAN PLAYER, an urban facilitator and integrator, which creates projects with mixed functions and quality partnerships, which contribute to the development of Romania.