Hey, welcome to campus!

You rent simple and fast with Fleximplicity.

Fleximplicity is a concept created by Coresi Business Campus and it represents our business philosophy.
We offer office spaces which you can customise and competitive costs solutions.

Rent. Customisation. Support. Solutions.

You always know the cost
Rent and service charge are fixed with no add-on factor, so you always know what your costs are and you can plan your budgets accordingly. This is a competitive advantage that distinguishes us from other projects.
You are always provided with the best sollutions
We promptly and professionally offer you turnkey solutions. This is possible because we build custom relationships with each client and we keep all communication channels open.
We are with you each step of the way
The relationship we build with each client remains a close one throughout our collaboration. Our team is here for any request and have the necessary expertise to offer you the right solutions.
You can personalise your work space
Our approach allows you to customise your office according to your specific needs. You can tailor it to perfectly match you and your company's personality.
You get support in all areas
While setting up, the continuous presence of our team on the site will ensure that high construction standards will be met. After completion, we will offer support through 3 competent teams: project management, asset management and facility management.